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2019 Conclave Registration and Staffing Information

Saponi Chapter

Conclave 2019 Registration is now open. Conclave 2019 is different from other Conclaves you may have been to because in 2019 Occoneechee Lodge 104 is hosting Conclave at Camp Durant and over 1,000 people are going to be there. Conclave is definitely different from your Ordeal and I know a lot of you have been to a Conclave before, but this Conclave will make all the other Conclaves a joke. I know the majority of you guys have not been to an Saponi Chapter meeting or a Lodge event in a while, but I want you all to come back to the OA for this one event in 2019. I know the majority of all haven’t been to an OA event at all since your Ordeal or Brotherhood Ceremonies, but Conclave is nothing like your Ordeal or Brotherhood Trail at all. Conclave is a section event wide event where 6 lodges from North Carolina come together for food, fun, and fellowship. OA members from Mount Airy, North Carolina to the Coastal Plains of North Carolina will be at Camp Durant for the weekend of April 12-14th, 2019.

Just like I said earlier Conclave 2019 will be at Camp Durant on the weekend of April 12th-14th, 2019. Our lodge, Occoneechee Lodge 104 will be hosting Conclave 2019 at the lodges camp, Camp Durant. At Conclave 2019 there will be great shows, OAX where different vendors around the country and North Carolina will come to Camp Durant to show off what they have. Some of the vendors that are coming are OA High Adventure, Climbing Wall, new Zip lines at the COPE Course, Mountain Biking, Minute to Win it games, and shows that will be happening throughout OAX. There are Section Elections where the section votes for there new section officers, A lot of food and there will be Food Trucks at Conclave this year. Special Guest and Celebrities will be coming to Conclave some Special Guest that will be coming is the a Former Chief Scout Executive, National OA Chief, OA Southern Region Chief, National OA Vice Chief, and other famous Scouts who are associated with national and the region. I don’t know more about any other celebrates or famous people yet, but once I find out you will know ASAP. 

As a member of Occoneechee Lode 104 you will have to be at Conclave in the early afternoon on Friday April 12th, 2019, or Thursday April 11th, 2019 depending on the Committee you are staffing with. If you have ever served as a Saponi Chapter Vice Chief or a Chapter Chief then you will staff at Conclave 2019. If you served as a Occoneechee Lodge Vice Chief or Lodge Chief you will staff at Conclave 2019, this also goes with any Section Chiefs, Section Officers, and National Officers that are in the Saponi Chapter. If you have been in the Saponi Chapter for a long time I also want you to staff as well. Adults I encourage you staff at Conclave just make sure you are comfortable with the committee that you chose to staff at for Conclave 2019. To staff at Conclave you all need to register at .

When you get to that website you need to click “Conclave Registration” and answer some questions about yourself at a point in the registrtion you will select a Committe to Join and that Committee is where you will be staffing at for Conclave 2019. Here are some of the Committee that you can staff at:  AIA (Ceremonies, Dancing, Drumming), Shooting Sports (Shotgun, Rifle, Archery), Climbing/COPE, Hospitality, Vigil (Vigil Members Only), Mountain Biking, Logistics, Health and Safety, Food (Cook Crew), Security (Prefer for Police, Security Officers), Brand and Marketing/ Admin Service, Shows (Show Tech or Shows), Photography, Trading Post (Trading Post or Concessions), Registration (Registration and Recognition). Once you have pick a committee to join then put why you can be a good person for that Committee. Then click continue and the next page you can order merchandise for Conclave 2019. Click continue then click check out. 

That all the information I have for Conclave 2019 and if you have any questions please contact me at 

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Alberto Daniel
Saponi Chapter Chief
SR-7B Conclave Recognition Committee Chairmen
2019 Tipi Committee Chairmen

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