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Dunk Alberto!

Everyyear in the month of March, Occoneechee Lodge 104 host an event call Spring Pow-Wow. This event is teh 1st lodge event of each year and it sets the tone and standards for upcoming events. There are a lot of reasons to attend Spring Pow-Wow

AIA Competition – Ceremony, Singing, Dancing, and Drumming: you can watch and if you would like to participate email

Conclave Preparation – If you are staffing at Conclave, your committee may want you to staff at various things. For example, if you are in Registration- you have to check-in people, Grill- may have to help at the grill, Trading post- work at the trading post.

Ordeal – Serve as an Elangomat. If you do you get a free t-shirt, $10 at the trading post and grill, and a patch.

Brotherhood Trail – You can become a Brotherhood member, serve as a Nemat, and/or help at the Brotherhood Trail. To be elugible to complete your Brotherhood Trail you must have been an Ordeal member fro atleast 10 months and write a letter to your lodge of why you should be a brotherhood member and what you will do for your lodge.

The Quest for the Golden Arrow – The events are the following: Egg Toss (Chapter Chief and Chapter Adviser), Tug-o-war, 5-legged race, Rowboat Carry, Giant Cup Pong, and Car Wash.

Family Feud Theme – Alberto has the suite, cap, and mustache. Please bring Speakers like Bluetooth speakers or MVP players so we can play the Family Feud music. Contact our Chapter Chief if you have any for Spring Pow-Wow.

Spring Pow-Wow Attendance Challenge – Alberto has issued a challenge to the chapter. If the chapter has more than 25 Arrowmen (Youth, Youth+, and Adults) sign up and attend Spring Pow-Wow, the chapter members will get to see the Chapter Vice-Chiefs pour ice cold water on the Chapter Chief at the April chapter meeting. If the numbers are not met, the Vice Chiefs will then get pied by whip cream at the April Chapter Meeting by the Chapter Chief. (Note: I do not want to get pied by Alberto, so please sign up for Spring Pow Wow).
That sounds a lot of fun, so sign up for Spring Pow Wow at:
While you are signing up for Spring Pow-Wow, you should sign up for the 2019 SR-7B Conclave:

Plus pay your OA Dues! Only cost $15.00.
That’s all for now.
Alberto Daniel
Saponi Chapter Chief
Occoneechee Lodge 104 Tipi Committee Chairmen
2019 Conclave Recognitions Chairmen

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