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Fall Fellowship Recap

Fall Fellowship began on a warm night on Friday October 20th. That night, some of our brothers went to the Camp-wide Campfire on Friday night. Others were back at camp setting up, getting the campsite ready for the chapter. On Saturday morning the chapter members woke up and walked to the Grand Lodge for breakfast. At assembly, the chapter presented our our Spirit Theme which was Scrabble. We had cardboard with holes in them for rope, and sentinels on the cardboard which had the letter. At flags the chapter spelled “Saponi” and “WWW”. A lot of people like the creativity that we had. At breakfast we had eggs, biscuits, grits, and bacon. The chapter would like to say thank you to the cook crew for the great meal. After breakfast some of our brothers went to the ceremony rings to prepare for the Brotherhood Ceremony later that night. Others went back to camp and to the Brotherhood Service Project. At lunch, the chapter came together to eat and talk about their morning. For lunch we had Philly Cheese Steaks and chips. It was very good. After lunch the chapter attended Lodge Elections and voted for our new 2018-2019 Lodge Officers. After the Lodge Elections, our brotherhood candidates went to the Brotherhood Trail and others members went to complete some service projects. Then, your Chapter Chief and VC of Communications went to the Ordeal Ceremony to welcome the newly inducted members to the Chapter. The chapter then brought the new members to camp to introduce them to the rest of our chapter. Shortly after the new members came back to camp, the Brotherhood ceremony team left to go and get ready for the ceremony. At flags before dinner, the chapter got to spell more words. For dinner, the chapter ate Spaghetti and Bread. After dinner the chapter members went to the Brotherhood ceremony and Thunderfest. That night everyone went to bed tired after a long day. On Sunday morning at flags, the chapter spelled “Spirt” to show even without the other “i” in spirit we still have spirit. We then served breakfast to the lodge and ate bagels and cream cheese. After Breakfast the chapter left to go home.

Overall Fall Fellowship was a great event and the chapter looks forward to going to LLD in November and Winter Banquet in December. 

Luke Chen

Saponi Vice Chief of Communications

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